Due Monday, September 8th, 2002

KeyPress event will be covered in classes #9 and #10, on Monday, January 29th (WRT 112 lab) and on Wednesday, January 31st (before or after the 15 minute quiz). A TextBox control can have a KeyPress event, for example.

KeyCode constants to use with KeyPress events.

  1. An easier previous version of this COBRA ID maker assignment and software, without the Tab Order and KeyPress events, etc.
  2. May be less intimidating to look at and understand and/or implement this one first.
  3. Solving a simpler problem or a subproblem in preparation for solving a larger or more difficult problem is an excellent strategy to be aware of. Its a superb way to build up the experience, understanding and VB code to solve a larger, more difficult problem.

ACAD ID MAKER SOFTWARE - DUE Monday, September 9th, 2002

You may turn it in anytime Monday (Wright closes at 10 p.m.) by sliding it under my office door (WRT 106).