Advisory Board

In 2007, the Department of Computer Science formed an advisory board. Its charge is to help UNI Computer Science leave a legacy in its service to the people of the State of Iowa — to become an extraordinary computer science department.

The charter members of the board have been involved as advisors to the department informally in the past through their involvement with individual faculty members and programs:

Current Members

Wade Arnold (2011-), recently of Banno, Cedar Falls, Iowa
Tony Bibbs (2017-), GForge Group, Des Moines, Iowa
Joseph Breu (2011-), Planet Labs, San Antonio, Texas
Gary Scholten (2007-), Principal Financial, Des Moines, Iowa
Rebecca Smith (2017-), Rockwell Collins, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Fred Zelhart (2007-), CodaBears, Inc., Chicago, Illinois

Emeritus Members

Redge Bartholomew (2007-2017), Rockwell Collins, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Mark Kittrell (2007-2017), Prime Logic Partners, Cedar Falls, Iowa
Sharon Thornton Knop (2007-2011), State Farm, Bloomington, Illinois
Mike Lang (2007-2011), Alliance Technologies, Des Moines, Iowa