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The following is a "work in progress" list of resources related to Scratch.

Website URL Description
http://scratch.mit.edu/ The main Scratch website.  You can use this site to download (for free) the Scratch program, test out and download games developed by programmers from around the world, participate in discussions, and view initial lesson plans.
http://scratched.media.mit.edu/ The website for Scratch educators.  Because it is a community based site it's helpfulness fluctuates as resources are added and deleted.  Spend some time looking around and you should find some great things.
  http://scratched.media.mit.edu/resources/scratch-curriculum-guide-draft A new curriculum being developed and piloted by a committee of Scratch edcuators (A paper copy of this curriculum is in your packets).
  http://info.scratch.mit.edu/Support/Scratch_Cards These are the printable paper "flash cards" that illustrate a dozen basic Scratch activities.  (One copy of these cards are contained in your packets).
  http://colleenmlewis.com/scratch/ Colleen has a very nice set of very short activities that you can use to help a class learn how to use Scratch.  They are nice because no one activity is very long, but as a set they do a good job teaching the concepts.
http://www.picocricket.com/picoboard.html Information on how to order the Scratch boards to use Scratch with external sensors.


LEGO WeDo is a set of bricks and sensors that can be used with the Scratch programming language.
http://learnscratch.org/index.php Video lessons, lesson plans, and classroom activities.  Fairly extensive set of materials.  Can be used online via the website or "offline" via content stored on your local machine(s).  Content is available from the site authors on a CD.
http://scratch.redware.com/scratch Contains several basic lessons and activities to introduce students to Scratch.  Simple but concise and helpful.
  www.aea267.k12.ia.us -> Get media -> Atomic Learning ->Search program -> Scratch Those of you from the local AEA have access to scratch tutorials in Atomic Learning.
http://resources.scratchr.org/ This site contains a number of resources for "scratch developers."  It is very  much like the "sharing" sections of the main scratch website but maintained by a third party.  It MAY contain material that has not been "reviewed"
http://www.smsn.vic.edu.au/ictguy/index.php/scratch-resources/ A collection of resources.  Many of these are links to sites already listed above, but there are several unique resources created by the web site's creator.
http://www.dickbaldwin.com/homeschool/Hs10000.htm Professor Dick Baldwin has an extensive website of materials and lessons which he intends to be used by homeschoolers.  However, they are (in many cases) very well done and can be useful in the classroom as well.  (And for those of you interested in learning other CS technologies/languages his collection is far more extensive than just Scratch).
http://www.dickbaldwin.com/tocHomeSchool.htm More materials from Professor Baldwin.
http://nebomusic.net/scratch.html An elementary school website featuring some great activities.
http://www.cse.ohio-state.edu/~paolo/outreach/ A three hour workshop on using Scratch as an introduction to software engineering.
  A long URL An afterschool program developed for the Dayton's Bluff Public Library





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