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Workshop Details

Below is a list of various workshop details that may interest you.  If you have questions about things not contained on this page please contact us and we will get you the information and add it to this page!


Workshop dates/times

In 2013 we will be offering two different offering of our "Introduction to Scratch in Education" workshop taught in two phases:

Complete attendance for all three of these days will be required for those participants wishing to obtain continuing education credit.

Phase two of each workshop will take place after participants have returned to their home districts and completed the follow up assignment from phase one.   Participants will submit  one or more artifacts that they have used in their classroom(s).  These include, but are not limited to, lesson plans, worksheets, assignments, programs, etc.  Participants will also submit an experience report.  Participants will attend one of two Saturday follow up meetings (November 2nd or 9th).   At this meeting, participants will share their experiences with their cohort and discuss what they have learned about the realities of using Scratch in their classroom.


Workshop location

Phase one of the workshop will take place in room 328 of the Innovative Teaching and Technology Center (ITTC) located on the campus of the University of Northern Iowa.  The ITTC is building 19 in the following map:



Participants will be mailed a parking permit prior to the start of the workshop.  This will provide parking in any of the campus "A" lots.  Our suggestion is that you park in the Multimodal Transportation Center on the corner of 23rd and Campus (just north of Bartlett Hall).  There are plenty of parking spaces and it is a relatively short walk to the classroom.  More information will be included when you are sent your parking permit.

We are required to purchase these parking permits from the University.  While we are happy to provide you with this permit we ask that you let us know if you will be carpooling with other class participants and only request one permit per car.



A limited amount of housing is available for those participants for whom the daily drive to Cedar Falls is impractical.  If you are interested in applying for this housing please contact Ben Schafer (schafer@cs.uni.edu) for more details.



Lunch will be provided to workshop participants.

Any other meals are at the responsibility of workshop participants.  Those staying on campus may choose to use local restaurants, the union (limited summer hours), or purchase meals in the campus dining centers.  Visit the department of residence website (http://www.uni.edu/dor/conferences/index.htm) for information on pricing of on-campus meals.


Computer Needs/Access

Participants will not need to provide their own computer for use during the workshop.  The workshop will be conducted using "paired programming" using the laptops provided in the workshop classroom.

Participants will be provided with media and information on how to install Scratch and other resources on their personal machines.  However, due to restrictions with the UNI wireless it is very likely that your personal machine will not have access to the Internet while you are on campus.


Workshop Evaluation

We are very interested in knowing your opinions about this workshop and what we can do to better meet your needs.  When instructed to do so please follow the link below and complete the Teacher Survey.  Please use "UNI1" if you participated in the first workshop or "UNI2" if you participated in the second workshop


This program is made possible through a generous contribution from Google