Minors and Certificates

Requirements for Minor in Computer Science

Required: 17 hours
Electives: 9 hours
Total: 26 hours

Requirements for Certificate in Computer Applications

Required: 9 hours
Electives: 3 hours
Total: 12 hours

Requirements for Certificate in Computer Science

Electives: 3-4 hours
Required: 10 hours
Total: 13-14 hours

Requirements for Certificate in Software Testing

Required: 15 hours
Total: 15 hours

Bioinformatics Minor Requirements

Note: Effective Fall 2012, the minor program in Bioinformatics is no longer accepting new students. Any students already enrolled in the program will be served until they graduate.

Required: 12-13 hours
Electives: 9 hours
Total: 21-22 hours


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Paul Gray

With distributed computing, the devil is in the details. That's because a programmer is dealing with all sorts of different hardware and networks. Meshing all of these elements presents a significant challenge that Paul Gray, associate professor of computer science, is leading the charge to solve... [more]

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