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April 2, 2014
What I Wish I'd Known as a CS Undergrad

Wes Iliff will deliver a seminar on Wednesday, April 2, at 3:00 PM in 328 ITTC. A UNI CS department alumnus, Wes is a software developer at Banno and leads its student intern program.


During my time in the undergraduate program at UNI, I felt like I knew it all. I completed most assignments with ease, and knew confidently what to focus on and what to ignore in every class. When I started as an intern at Banno, I realized that I had ignored all of the wrong things. I'll take you through how we do things at Banno, leveraging Scala to write functional code in an agile environment. I'll tell you why those silly design patterns actually matter, and share what knowledge I have of how to make it through your classes and beyond. All levels are welcome, and questions are actively encouraged.

Wes Iliff earned his BA in Computer Science at UNI, "got cocky, then went into the programming world and got knocked down a few pegs". He now runs Banno's Scala internship program and tried to help others avoid the pitfalls he fell into. He resides in Cedar Falls with his wife, daughter, and entirely too many animals.


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