Web Site Project


Create a web site that is accessible via the World Wide Web (WWW). A web page is a stand-alone page accessible through the internet. A web SITE is a series of inter-connected pages that work together to electronically represent an entity (person, business, etc.). Your site may represent a real or imaginary business, yourself, or about any other topic of your choosing. Whatever you choose to represent, and within the scope of the HTML and CSS that we have discussed, approach it as if you were building a site "for real".

Due October 26, 2018 -- email to sam.barr@uni.edu the URL of your completed website (create a link to it on your index.html page). Also send me ONE text file containing all of your project's HTML and CSS code. Beginning with the CSS file, copy and paste the contents of all CSS and HTML files into one text document. DO NOT try to include images or other media. The file name should be your CatID, and the file extension should be .txt. So, if your CatID is "Panther1", the name of the file you send me will be panther1.txt.

Late Penalty: 5 points per day

MINIMUM Web Site Requirements

Your web site should meet the following requirements: In addition, your website MUST include an external style sheet linked to each web page. This style sheet should minimally include: Please note that the above requirements are minimum requirements and simply meeting them will earn a passing grade. Design, clarity, and appearance will also be considered in your grade.

Other Requirements:

You must write your html and style sheet using a text editor (notepad, notepad++, conTEXT, etc.) and not use a GUI editor (Dreamweaver, etc.).

Test your page in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox.


This was mentioned above, but I'll mention again... As with your other web assignments, create a link on your index.html page to you project's home page. In addition, open a new text document using your CatID as the file name, and txt as the file extension (if my CatID was barr11 the file name would be barr11.txt). Copy and paste into this file ALL of your HTML and CSS from each of your project's pages. DO NOT attempt to copy and paste images or media files into the text file.