Lecture summaries for 800:072

Defining the problem
Counting as statistics
Organizing data
Summation notation
Measures of location
Measures of spread
Tchebychev's inequality [I am not covering Tchebychev's inequality in Fall 2005]
Measures of relative position
Interrelations of summary statistics
Information in histograms
(First test)
Introduction to probability
Venn diagrams and algebra of sets
Additive rules
Conditional probability and the product rule
Random variables
Binomial distribution
Frequency distributions
Normal distribution
Normal distribution (mu,sigma)
Important z-scores
Normal approximation to the binomial distribution
Continuity correction factor
Central limit theorem
(Second test)
Confidence intervals
Variations on confidence intervals
Test of hypothesis (two-tail)
Test of hypothesis (one-tail)
Type I and II error
Multinomial data (chi-square)
(Third test)
(Other topics)
Graphical display of qualitative data
Cumulative data distributions
Other descriptive statistics
Pythagorean means
Counting techniques
(Supplementary handouts for 800:072)
Estimating means and medians from histograms
The other tail of chi-squared

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Old drafts of course material:

graphical presentation of data

Type I and II error