Assignment Collection Policy


This document outlines the rules you should follow when submitting an assignment in CS 1510 Introduction to Computer Science. 

These rules will simplify the grader's job by standardizing the form and appearance of submissions. Any of these rules can be overridden by a particular assignment but if the assignment doesn't say otherwise, follow each of them.

Header Block

Every piece of python code that you submit, in either lab or as a programming assignment, should contain a header block containing three pieces of information as shown below:


For example, if the code from Lab02 had been a homework I would have submitted:


Forms of Submission

Depending on the nature of the assignment, your lab assignments may be collected in one or both of two different formats - electronic submission and paper submission.

  1. Electronic Submission

  2. Assignments requiring electronic submission will often involve using a website to electronically upload your code prior to the deadline for the assignment (typically at 11 AM on a class day).

    Python code - Some weeks you will be writing code from scratch.  Other weeks you will be modifying code that we give you.  Some weeks it may even be both.  In either case, you will be prompted to submit some fairly specific number of files.  The format of these files may change over the semester.  Please pay close attention to the instructions for each lab regarding the type of files required and the naming conventions.

    You will submit these files through eLearning. You can find the specific area to upload your file by logging on to eLearning, navigating to this class, and clicking on the "Assignment Submissions" location.

    The upload instructions are fairly simple and self explanatory as you use this site.

  3. Paper Submission of Documentation

For most assignments you will be required to submit a packet of documentation at the beginning of your class on the day that the assignment is due.  This packet will consist of hard copy printouts of the .py files that you submitted electronically.  Your documentation should be assembled together into a single stapled packet which is assembled in the order in which they are presented in the lab write-up.

Specifically, print out a hard copy of each .py file that you submitted electronically in the order in which they are listed on the homework assignment page. Your print-out should fit on standard 8-1/2"x11" paper printed upright, with no line wrap.  This means that if you have typed excessively long lines that you will need to include line breaks in your code so that everything is visible.  This is not only a requirement for this class, it is good style also.

If you would like to save paper, you may print your files "2-up" but print all of them this way.

Make sure that you turn off the "decorations" that might be included in whatever IDE or word processor that you use.  This includes, but is not limited to, line numbers, control flow graphics, etc.   I am glad these help you with your code, but they are distracting to the reader and take up valuable white space.

I will say it one more time.  What you submit in class should be a single packet of documentation which is stapled together in the order specified.