Analyze customer data


Overall Background

While true analysis of customer data is normally done in a proper database with proper database queries, we can ask and answer a remarkable number of simple questions using a simple text file of data and some basic code that uses lists and/or dictionaries to help us organize the data in that file.

In this assignment you will be working with a file of 30,000 fake customers. (Yes, it really is fake information which was generated randomly, so no trying to sell it after class! Heh.

In order to complete this assignment, you should create a file called Complete the following steps in the order listed. 

  1. Add comments and the printName() function:

    Create typical header comments and place them at the top of your file. Add the typical printName() function that prints your name(s). In addition, be sure to write function comments for all functions in this lab, including the printName() function you just added.

  2. Write the getStateDistribution() method:
  1. Write the getColumnDistribution(filename,columnNum) method.
  1. Write the getBirthYearDistribution() method.




Final Submission

This week I will again ask you to submit your code for electronic grading, using the eLearning submission system. 

Follow the directions on the system to select the appropriate course and assignment and submit

If you worked with a partner, make sure that both you and your partner's names are in the comment header at the top of the file and in the printName() function.

The program is due tomorrow at class time.