Basic Information

This course serves as the introduction to operating systems concepts, such as process management, synchronization, system calls, memory management, file systems, kernels, and drivers.

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Date Suggested Readings Session Links and Announcements Exercises and Projects
Chapter 1.1 -1.9 Session One - Introduction and History Watch short video 1, video 2, video 3 before next time. (Video ppt notes)
1/16 Section 15.1 Lab 0 Work Day Lab 0 (do this first) -- due in class on 1/23, may not be late, can be done in partners

Project 0 (do this second) -- due on 1/23 at 11:59pm on eLearning, must be done individually (may be up to 2 days late)
1/18   Lab 0 Work Day Extra Credit - Want more of a challenge?
1/21 No Class    
1/23 Section 3.1 Session Two - Basics of Processes and Threads Exercise #1 (due 1/30)
[over Sessions 1-2]
1/25 Chapter 2.1 and 2.10 Session Three - Boot Process