Basic Information

This course serves as a projects course in the Computer Science Systems emphasis. After taking this class, students should understand general computer and network security terms and tools to perform offensive and defensive security. Students will have hands-on experience with small and large projects with use of current tools. Fianlly, students will work in a small group to secure (harden) a small network of servers with realistic/real services.

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Instructions for GitWeb

Your project documentation space can be found at[ID] where your team ID is between 01-07.

Date Readings Activities Deliverables Due
C5-1 material

Start Offensive Security

1/10 C5-1 material

Assign teams
Assign offensive tool
Make first journal entry in class, go over journal expectations

Project 1 assigned
Presentations due 1/19, Documentation due 1/22
1/12 C5-1 material Work Day
1/15 No Class No class Journals graded from prev week
1/17 C5-1 material Quiz over C5-1
Finish making presentations
Quiz over C5-1
1/19 C5-3 materials Tool presentation day Group tool presentations
1/22 C5-3 materials Tool presentation day
Discuss quiz
Group tool presentations
Journals graded from prev week
1/24 C5-3 materials Group tool/attack presentations
Install virtual machine
1/26 C5-3 materials Quiz over C5-3 materials
Project 2


1/29 Look at Sunday's email announcement for download and setup links Project 2 setup day
Fill out the quick peer assessment for project 1 on eLearning

Project 2 assigned
Due 2/9 at 11:59:59pm

1/31   Project 2

Peer assessment due midnight

2/2   Project 2


2/5 C5-2 materials Project 2  
2/7 C5-2 materials

Project 2

2/9 C5-2 materials

Project 2


2/12 C5-2 materials

Project 2

Project 2 due 2/15 at 11:59pm
2/14 C5-2 materials Introduce Project 3 Project 3 Specification (due 3/2)
2/16 C5-2 materials Quiz and Project 3 Quiz over c5-2 materials

Project 3 Work Day

2/21 Gone to SIGCSE

Project 3 Work Day


2/23 Gone to SIGCSE

Project 3 Work Day



Project 3 Work Day


Project 3 Work Day

Project 4 Specification (Now due 3/21)

Project 3 Work Day

Project 3 due 11:59:59pm

3/5   Project 4 Work Day




Project 4 Work Day


Project 4 Work Day  
3/19   Project 4 Work Day
3/21   Project 4 Work Day Project 5 Specification (documentation due 3/30)
3/23 C5-4 materials
Gone to WiCSyS - no class

Project 5 Work Day

3/26 C5-4 materials Project 5 Work Day  
3/28 C5-4 materials

Project 5 Work Day

3/30 C5-4 materials Presentations Project 5 documentation due
Presentations (3 groups)
4/2 C5-4 materials Presentations Presentations (3 groups)

Presentation, Quiz, Final Project introduced

C5-4 Quiz

Presentation (last group)


4/6   Final Project Workday

Final Project Specification

CTF4 - protect and harden the LampSec machine used in the CTF4 exercise



Final Project Workday


4/11   Final Project Workday  
4/13   Final Project Workday

Final Project Phase 1 and 2 Due


Final Project Workday


Final Project Workday

4/20   Final Project Workday Final Project Phase 3 Due
Instructions for creating final video

Final Project Workday

4/25   Final Project Workday  

Last day of class

Final Project Phase 4 Due
5/3 No final, submit final peer assessments   Two group peer assessments due
Personal group peer assessments due