Basic Information

This course serves as a projects course in the Computer Science Systems emphasis. After taking this class, students should understand general computer and network security terms and tools to perform offensive and defensive security. Students will have hands-on experience with small and large projects with use of current tools. Fianlly, students will work in a small group to secure (harden) a small network of servers with realistic/real services.

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Date Materials/Quizzes Activities Assignments/Deliverables Due
Start Reading: C5-1 material Setup (sign code of conduct, go over syllabus, form teams, answer questions)
Start Offensive Security
1/27 Assign teams
Assign offensive tool
Start work on documentation and presentation
Project 1 assigned
Project 1 Presentation Schedule
1/29 Work Day
I will visit each team
2/1 Discuss SANS newsbites
Work Day - Finish making presentations
I will visit each team
2/3 Prep for Quiz 1 Project 1 Presentation Day (2 teams)
2/5 Prep for Quiz 1 Project 1 presentation Day (2 teams)
Project 1 Documentation due 11:59pm
Take Quiz 1
Start Reading: C5-2 Materials
Start Reading:SANS newsbites
Go over materials and quiz questions
Take Quiz 1
Get access to vSphere and VPN
Project 2 Setup/Work Day Project 2 assigned
Project 2 Documentation Due 2/23
2/12 Project 2 Work Day  
2/15 Project 2 Work Day
2/17 Project 2 Work Day  
2/19 Project 2 Work Day  
2/22 No class No class. Project 2 Workday
2/24 Finish Project 2 Project 2 Documentation due (2/25 at 11:59pm)
2/26 Start Reading:C5-3 Materials
Continue Reading:SANS newsbites
Optional Reading: LBH Chapters 1-4
C5-2 Quiz
Introduce Project 3
Project 3 Specification
CTF 4 Documentation
CTF 5 Documentation
Project 3 Documentation due 3/10 at 11:59pm CST
3/1 >Project 3 Work Day
3/3 Project 3 Work Day
3/5 Project 3 Work Day  
3/8 Introduce Project 4
Project 4 Specification
Project 4 documentation due 3/19
3/10 Project 4 Work Day  
3/12   Project 4 Work Day  
3/15   Project 4 Work Day  

Quiz over C5-3
Project 4 Work Day
3/19 End of Offensive Security Finish Project 4
Project 4 Documentation due
Project 4 Internal Peer Assessments Due