Advising Information

J. Philip East & Computer Science Department

Advising Holds and Registration

Each student who has declared a major in the Department of Computer Science is assigned an advisor. Freshman typically declare a "prospective" major are assigned an advisor (perhaps, me). In an effort to ensure students completing their studies in a timely fashion, the department places an advising hold on student registration every semester. Students are required to meet, or otherwise communicate, with the advisor to have the hold removed. Thus, each semester prior to registration, students should:

Declaration of Major

Students who enter UNI without prior college experience and indicate a desire to major in computer science or NASA or Bioinformatics are listed as prospective majors. In their second semester they are allowed to officially declare a major. Transfer students complete a Declaration of Major form when they initially register. Individual graduation requirements are set at the time the declaration of major form is completed and filed!

Curriculum Revision Implications

UNI has a two-year curriculum cycle. Generally, that means that we can only change courses or graduation requirements every two years. A change in graduation requirements means that a student who has declared a major can choose the requirements set when they previously declared the major or the new requirements. To change to the new requirements, just submit a new Declaration of Major Form. You may wish to consult your advisor before doing so. You cannot go back to old requirements once you submit the form.