CS 1150 Programming Environments for Elementary Education

J. Philip East (Fall 2017)

What's New?

December 20   I have finished grading and posted the anonymized gradebook. Let me know if you see any errors (we can fix them) or have any concerns.

Activity History

10/23 Robot programming. Its related PAC assignment is due at 5:00pm, 12/08

10/23 Logo initials. Due 10/26 (11:59 pm—midnight). Its related PAC assignment is due at midnight on the 27th.

10/05 Logo tutorials. Due 10/19 (2:00 pm—class time). Its related PAC assignment is due at noon on the 19th.

10/05 Extra credit scene drawing. Due 12/08 (5:00 pm)

09/26 Mad lib program. Due 10/03 (11:59 pm, midnight) PAC-5. Due 10/04 (11:59 pm, midnight).

09/13 Scratch game. Due 09/22 (5:00 pm) PAC-4. Due 09/23 (12:00 pm, noon).

09/05 Scratch initials. Due 09/13 (5:00 pm) PAC-3. Due 09/14 (5:00 pm).

08/29 Scratch storytelling. Due 09/05 (11:59 pm) PAC-2. Due 09/06 (11:59 pm).

08/15 code.org. Due 08/29 (5:00 pm) PAC-1. Due 08/30 (5:00 pm).

General Information

PACs Expectations and Information


Course Text

At the moment, I do not plan to formally adopt a text. I will occasionally ask you to read manuals/tutorials on various programming environments.

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