CS 1150 PEEE   Logo (Cookbook) "Tutorials"


You (and your partner) are to complete the tutorials located on the Santa Fe Institute's NetLogo web site. The purpose of the activity is to introduce you to the NetLogo environment and language and to allow you to see examples of emergent behavior that can arise from relatively simple instructions to control/dictate agents' behavior within an environment.

FYI, I noticed a couple things about the information in the tutorials. They refer to NetLogo 4.x (e.g., 4.1.3) and our version is 5.3.1 (I think)—this should not be a problem. Also, the documents refer to the "Procedures" tab—I'm pretty sure that refers to the "Code" tab. Finally, the tutorial directions may occasionally leave something out (such as click the forever option) but a little experimentation and perseverance should allow you to overcome any difficulty. If you have questions, ask!

Assignment Submission

You are to submit reports of your activity rather than your programs. The report should be sent as text in an e-mail message with the following characteristics.

Remember to do your PAC commenting.


Submissions meeting the above expectations will receive at least a grade of C. Fully completing some or all of the tutorials will enhance the grade as will clarity and completeness in any comments made.

If/When Problems Arise

If you have questions about the assignment send me an e-mail or drop by my office. If you have a question while working on the assignment do the same. Keep in mind that when you encounter something you can't figure out you can/should think, explore, seek answers on google, etc. but, do not spend more than 15-30 minutes trying to overcome a particular error or problem.