CS 1150 PEEE   Logo_II: Turtle Graphics


We have used Scratch to do turtle-graphics Now we are going to similar activity in NetLogo. Each pair of programmers is to produce a NetLogo program that uses turtle graphics. You are welcome to reproduce the initials programs that you completed in Scratch. Better yet would be to do something that goes beyond what you did there.

NetLogo Information

You have seen the NetLogo environment and read the overview of the system (Nicholas Bennett's Core Concepts of NetLogo, a PDF). You also produced some NetLogo programs by following step by step instructions. We will also discuss an example in class. Some additional information is provided below.

Specifications, Submission, & Grading

The requirements/specifications are similar to those for the Scratch initials assignment, i.e.,

You are to submit your programs via an e-mail message, one per pair. The due date is Thursday, October 26 at midnight. The report should be sent as text in a message with the following characteristics.

A program that meets the indicated requirements and is submitted as requested on time will receive at least a B-. Better grades will awarded for programs that go beyond the minimal expectations with respect to the tasks accomplished, have code that is formatted with care and are documented if/when appropriate, do not use duplicate code unnecessarily, use understandable variable names, are impressive with their creativity or artistry, etc.

Remember to do the programming activity commenting (PAC) assignment.

If you have questions or difficulties

If you have questions about the assignment send me an e-mail or drop by my office. If you have a question while working on the assignment do the same. Keep in mind that when you encounter something you can't figure out you can/should think, explore, seek answers on google, etc. but, do not spend more than 15-30 minutes trying to overcome a particular error or problem.