Dash Robot Information

CS 1150 PEEE

Preparing For Dash Programming

Programming the Dash robot requires using the Blockly for Dash & Dot app. It requires an iOS tablet or smartphone (newer than mine) or an Android tablet or phone. You should be able to download the app from your app store. We now have some old tablets for use with our robots (so you won't need to download anything). If you wish, you may use your own device for working with a dash to allow for outside-of-class programming. In that case you will want to download and install Blockley for Dash from your app store.

To work with dash you will need to fire up the tablet and select and run the Blockley app. The app communicates via Bluetooth to talk to the robot. But, you will have to establish communication between the tablet and robot (get connected). Once connected you might wish to solve some of the puzzles to familiarize yourself with the dash environment or proceed directly to creating your own programs. Hopefully, you can figure that out.

Programming the Dash

The Blockley language for Dash is similar in nature to Scratch and Snap. The capabilities (specific blocks) are different, of course. Once you have explored dash you should attempt to have your robot accomplish the following tasks.

Once you have these building blocks done, you might consider putting them together to do larger tasks or identify additional building blocks for some larger task, e.g.,