CS 1130 Visual Basic Programming

J. Philip East (Fall 2017)

What's New?

November 9   The next activity in the Project assignment is the "project check-in meeting". Hopefully in the next couple weeks you will half or more done with your project and are ready to show me what you've done, indicate what you still need to do, and identify any changes in your plans. The due date is next Friday (11/17). If you make that, great. If not the late penalty won't be too bad if we meet the week after Thanksgiving.

Activity History

10/12 Unit V Practice. "Due" 10/17 at class time.

10/05 Project: Report. Submitted by 11:59 pm (midnight), 12/15.

10/05 Project: Code. Submitted by 11:59 pm (midnight), 12/15.

10/05 Project: Demonstration Meeting. Held by 5:00 pm, 12/08.

10/05 Project: Check-in Meeting. Held by 5:00 pm, 11/17.

10/05 Project: Proposal Meeting. Held by 5:00 pm, 10/26.

09/27 (10/03 formally) Unit IV practice. "Due" 10/05 at class time.

09/19 Unit III practice. "Due" 09/26 at class time.

09/05 Unit II practice. "Due" 09/12 at class time.

08/23 Unit I practice. Due 08/29 at class time.


Course Text

Visual Basic In Easy Steps (4th Ed.) by Mike McGrath


We will use MS VisualStudio as our programming environment. CS and ITC computer labs have some version of Visual Studio. Students can download Visual Studio 2017 (Community) at the Visual Studio site Hopefully the mix of VS 2015 and VS 2017 won't be too big a deal.