What is active about "active learning"
and is it always best?

Jack Yates

Wednesday, March 26, 12:00, ITTC 27/28

Participants will assume the role of students attending two brief mock class sessions. Then the group will examine the cognitive processes evoked by different classroom activities, consider the consequences of these cognitive processes for learning, and examine the question of best practices in the classroom.

This session is partially motivated by an article in the Des Moines Register (available in PDF format). Attendees are encouraged to read the article before the session. Jack Yates has been using active teaching and learning strategies in his classes for a number of years. He encourages us, as instructors, to consider the mental processes our teaching approaches engender in students, including (when appropriate) the active learning practices championed by Nobel laureate, Carl Wieman.

Join us for this demonstration and discussion. The formal session will last 50 minutes, with discussion continuing into the next hour.