Test 2 Review Information

Test 2 is on Thursday (11/11) in class. It will be closed book and notes, except you will be allowed to bring one sheet of paper (8.5" x 11") with notes on both sides.

Chapter 5: C Functions


General understanding of the C software development as a collection of modules.

Standard library headers.

Math library functions.

Random number usage

Functions: prototype, pass-by-value parameter passing, local variables, return statement

Scope rules of C: static variable, global variable



Be able to use predefined functions from the math library, rand() and srand()

Be able to look at a program and determine the scope of each variable

Be able to trace a program using functions including drawing the corresponding run-time stack

Be able to write new functions to perform a specified task

Chapter 6: C Arrays


Defining arrays, accessing individual array elements using indexing

Definition and usage of symbolic constants (#define)

Passing arrays to functions

Search arrays: sequential/linear search and binary search

Sorting of arrays: bubble and selection sorts

Multiple-subscripted arrays


Be able to declare and use arrays in a program that passes arrays to functions

Understand the general idea of the searching algorithms

Understand the general idea of the sorting algorithms

Chapter 7: C Pointers


Pointer variable definition and initialization

Pointer operations: address-of (&) operation, dereferencing of a pointer (*)

Using a pointer to simulate pass-by-reference

Using the "const" qualifier with pointers

Pointer arithmetic and usage as an alternative to array indexing


Be able to trace programs that use pointers and pointer arithmetic

Be able to write programs that use pointers to simulate pass-by-reference so functions can "return" more that one value.

Be able to write programs that use pointer arithmetic