The Final is scheduled for Thursday (12/19) from 10 - 11:50 AM in Wright 5.

Due to the nature of programming the test is comprehensive, but test questions will focus more on the details of the material since Test 2. Below is a list of review topics and student expectations for the material covered since Test 2.

You will be allowed your blue "Quick Summary of Graphic Objects and Methods" handout, your AWT-Cheatsheet handout, and a single 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper with notes (front and back) during the test.

In addition to the expectations from Test 1 and Test 2, you should be able to:

Chapter 8 (Williams College Manuscript) - Recursion

Characters (Big Java section 3.9 on p. 116) , Strings (Big Java section 3.7 on p. 107) and StringTokenizer (Big Java section 6.4.2 on p. 254) Arrays and ArrayLists (Big Java chapter 13) Searching and Sorting (Big Java chapter 18, omit section 18.5)