Homework Assignment 4: A Simple Hangman Game
Computer Science II
Object-Oriented Programming

Due: Friday, February 10, at 11:59 AM


This assignment asks you to design your own object-oriented program and build it "from scratch".

You are to write a Java program that allows a user to play the word game hangman. Your version of hangman should play as follows:


4 Letters Guessed: A E T R

Unguessed Letters: B C D F G H I J K L M N O P Q S U V W X Y Z

Number of incorrect word guesses: 1

T E A ___ ___ E R

Enter the next letter or your guess of the word: teacher

"TEACHER" is correct MARK! You needed 4 letters and 2 word guesses.

Would you like to play again (y or n)? y


You are to submit electronically and on paper :