Homework Assignment 5 - GUI Front-End to Hangman Game

Due: Friday, March 3, at 2:59 PM


This assignment asks you to design and implement a GUI front-end to the Hangman game. As a starting point, you may use your solution to homework #4, or you may download my solution (hw4solution.zip) (Available Thursday, but don't wait to start. You can be designing your GUI interface and playing with the API components to implement it!). This program should have the same functionality as homework #4. The same Hangman specifications apply and are given below.

I encourage you to look at past programs (e.g., MemoPad, CannonGame, etc.) as examples of how the GUI components work. Your best reference might be to read chapter 13 on the AWT API.

Be sure that your submission follows all homework submission requirements.

A Specification for a Program to Play Hangman:


4 Letters Guessed: A E T R

Unguessed Letters: B C D F G H I J K L M N O P Q S U V W X Y Z

Number of incorrect word guesses: 1

T E A ___ ___ E R

Enter the next letter or your guess of the word: teacher

"TEACHER" is correct MARK! You needed 4 letters and 2 word guesses.

Would you like to play again (y or n)? y


You are to submit electronically and on paper :