General Homework Submission Requirements


This document outlines the process you should follow when submitting a homework assignment for grading. These rules will simplify the grader's job by standardizing the form and appearance of submissions. Any of these rules can be overridden by a particular assignment but, if the assignment doesn't say otherwise, follow each of them.

Forms of Submission

When you are asked to submit a set of files, you must submit them in two forms: electronically and hard copy.


Document each file with a header block that includes at least: the file's name, your name, your CNS userid, the name of the file's original creator (if not you), a brief description of the purpose of the code, and a modification history that lists the date of each change to the file with the changes made.

Here's an example:


# AUTHOR: Mark Fienup --

# DATE:  1/18/2008

# DESCRIPTION:  Fraction class that allows for exact irrational values.

Your block need not look exactly like this, but it should contain the same information. 

For each class and function, include a documentation string as part of its definition as the second line.


I do not require you to follow a lot of specific style rules, but I do ask you to follow several basic guidelines to improve the readability of your code: