Test 1 Review Information

Test 1 is on Thursday (9/30) in class. It will be closed book and notes, except you will be allowed to bring your yellow sheet of Logic Rules and one other sheet of paper (8.5" x 11" both sides) with notes.

Below are the hightlights of each section:

Section 1.1

Topics: statement/proposition, conjunction, disjunction, implication, antecedent, consequent, equivalence, well-formed formula (wff), tautology, contradiction


Use the formal symbols of propositional logic

Translate between English sentences and propositional logic

Find the truth value of an expression in propositional logic

Apply DeMorgan's law when negating a wff

Construct truth tables for compound wffs

Use truth table to show equivalence of two propositional wffs

Recognize tautologies and contradictions

Section 1.2

Topics: propositional wffs, propositional logic, valid argument, hypotheses, conclusion, proof sequence, equivalence rules, inference rules,


Apply derivation rules for propositional logic to construct formal proofs of arguments

Use propositional logic to prove the validity of a verbal argument.

Section 1.3

Topics: universal quantifier, predicate, domain of interpretation, existential quantifier, scope of quantifiers, validity of a predicate wff


Determine the truth value of a predicate wff in a given interpretation

Translate English language statements into predicate wffs, and vice versa

Recognize a valid wff and explain why it is valid

Recognize a nonvalid wff and construct an interpretation in which it is false or has no truth value

Section 1.4

Topics: universal instantiation, existential instantiation, universal generalization, existential generalization, temporary hypothesis, verbal argument


Apply derivation rules for predicate logic

Use predicate logic to prove the validity of a verbal argument