Homework 3 - Robot Application

Due:Wednesday, January 24, 2018 - 8:00 PM

Utilize the provided Robot class to create a robot battle game.

The program will:

  1. Display the current robot statuses.
  2. Prompt the user to Attack or raise Shields.
  3. Continue playing until one robot is defeated.
  4. Display the result: win, lose or draw


Assignment tips:

The first assigment tips will be fairly detailed.

Grading Rubric

If your program does not compile you will recieve 0 points!

Homework Resources

You will need to the Robot.class file which contains the compiled code for the Robot class. (You will need to copy this to the folder with your program.)

For this first assignment I would like you to write your code in a text editor and complile from the command line. This will help you understand the concepts before you use an IDE to abstract these details.

To compile via command line, you will need to use the following command:
javac RobotApp.java

To run via command line, you will need to use the following command:
java RobotApp

Remember to use the API for the Robot Class, to understand it's public interface. You may also want to check out: Scanner and String.

A sample run of the program:

Homework Submission

Zip up all of your source code into .zip file and submit on the homework submission site.