Quiz study guide and outline - for Friday, May 2nd, 2003

Bitmapped graphics diagram from blackboard and past group exercises and quiz questions.

Here is what was covered in class today for a review on the quiz...

1) Excel
   -Concatenate( LEFT("Never No", 1), " ", RIGHT(B4, 2), MID(C4, 7, 4) )
      would display N RO y Ba

                        if   cell B4 contains MODERN DAY HERO   
                    and if   cell C4 contains Joffrey Ballet
                        MODERN DAY HERO   Joffrey Ballet
                                     --   12345678901234
                                                ^        Where to start = 7
                                                ----     How many = 4
   -Len("UNI PANTHERS") is 12 characters

   -basics and your web page experience...
   -past quizzes, study those over again...

3) Graphics
   - bitmaps- given a bitmap draw a graphic
              given a graphic shown in a grid 
                   (where each square of the grid represents a pixel)
                 write down what the bitmap for the graphic would be 
                 using 1's for the dark pixels and 0's for the light
                 color.  This is one bit or monochrome graphics.

4) Database     Just know that databases are made of tables.
                Tables contain records.
                The basic operations besides queries
                    (inquiring minds want to know, so a query is 
                     a question you ask the database), 
                are AC/DC Alternating Current/Direct Current 
                          electricity is a way to remember this.
                    A for ADD, C for CHANGE and D for DELETE...
                    -          -                -               AC/DC
   -Queries              Show the records for Iowa AND Wisconsin
                         or show the records with total sales > $2,125
                         or show the movie quotes that contain the
                         word "growth" OR the word "love".
                         Show all movies quotes that contain the letter V.

                         Show the record for SMITH or Baggins...

   -Add, Change, Delete  ACDC

5) Cowboy basics for  web    ls and ls -l and chmod and cd and cd ..

6) Ghostbusters and problem solving
  a) Know the steps of problem solving process - read two web site links.
  b) read waggle dancing bees
  c) know the what vs. the how

7) Chapter 14 in text - take the practice quiz again and reread
                        the chapter on computer security.

   Chapter 5 in Text  - take the practice quiz and read chapter.
                        Learn a ton about searching on the web
                        and why www.google.com is able to amaze
                        so often.