Study guide for 810:021 final exam

810:021 Final Exam 3 p.m. Wednesday May 3rd, 2006

  1. World Wide Web and html experience. HTML tags. Writing the HTML that is causing a certain web page display.

    See midterm test one HTML question. IMG SRC tag, Anchor tag to make hypertext link(A HREF=""), making a graphic be a link, Horizontal Rulers, numbered and bulleted lists OL and UL, TITLE, BGCOLOR, BACKGROUND graphics (instead of BGCOLOR), BODY, HTML, HEAD, DL, DD, DT for definition lists, definition terms and definition definitions.

  2. Ghostbuster's handout and take home test concepts, as it relates to problem solving, especially as it relates to Excel and to PhotoShop and to web/html problem solving, software development and slimers.

    Know the four steps of the problem solving programming process. Understand it, Plan it, Code it, Test and debug it (aka deslime it to get rid of slimers).

    Bees. Waggle dancing out the direction, distance and desirability on one possible solution to a problem. How does it relate to Ghostbusters and problem solving?

  3. Microsoft Excel handouts, readings, labs, assignments and lecture notes.

  4. Basics of binary (base two) and bits and base 16 (hexadecimal).

  5. The diagram of the computer with Mp, Ms, CPU (with ALU and control unit and registers), Bus, Input, Output as the 6 components as used in class from time to time. Be able to draw the diagram showing the six essential categories of components for a computer.

  6. Graphics, including but not limited to the Word or Excel Drawing toolbar, PhotoShop basics (Gradients and myButton.gif assignment).

    1. PAINT: Bitmapped graphics, RGB graphics, pixels and phosphors 1 bit for black and white or two color graphics, 2 and 3 bit gray scale, 8 bit 256 color and 24 bit True color (16 million plus colors) graphics. PAINTING programs use bitmap graphics and have erasers. MacPaint or Windows Accessories group Paint program. See handout.

    2. DRAW: Object oriented graphics (Vector graphics) from Microsoft Excel or Word DRAWING toolbar. MacDraw and Drawing software. Working with lines, circles, rectangles and points instead of pixels and bitmaps. Great resolution on any device. See handout.

  7. Four generations of computers. Vacuum tubes, transistors, integrated circuits, microprocessors. Moore's Law and the 18 months to double number of transistors on one chip of silicon.

  8. Fetch/Execute cycle handout.