Free Throws Simulation Assignment

Send to as attachment by or on the due date.

  1. How to do the UPDATEHISTORY macro: UpdateHistoryFreeThrowsVBA.pdf

  2. Where do you call or invoke the UPDATE HISTORY macro? When does UPDATE HISTORY need to happen?

  3. The "Clear the HISTORY" button will need to have a macro that clears out all of the previous history. In my screen snapshot, clicking that button would clear the RANGE F6:I20. But the last row of history might be row 10 or row 7 or row 45 instead of row 20. You will need to experiment and probably record some macro code to figure out and develop the Clear the History VBA macro.

  4. Be sure to save your Excel workbook as MACRO ENABLED. It will have an extension of .xlsm where the M in .XLSM stands for MACRO.