Final Exam 810:022 Study Guide - 12/15/2008 - 3 p.m.

  1. Textbook Chapter 07 Building Flash Intros and Chapter 08 Setting up Flash Video practice questions and terms are very important.
    1. Chapter 07:: Keyframes, Fade in and Fade out, Flash Intros is part of the study guide for the final exam. 9 Layers, 26 Keyframes, 11 Motion Tweens. How many Keyframes are empty keyframes?
      What code goes in the Frame 215 and 
           why do you need to say 
                                   navigateToURL(link, "_self"); 
           instead of just saying

    2. Saturday 2:00 p.m. addition: Flash Video - what to know for the test about the FLVPlayback component.

      FLVPlaybackCaptioning you should know what the flvPlayback Parameter is for and what the source parameter is for.

    3. Flash questions - Flash CS3 basic familiarity beyond or besides Flash Intros and Flash Video chapters.

  2. Dreamweaver mastery question from test one for your job interview. Read the question carefully and answer it completely. Terms, concepts, Code view, Design view, Split view windows. Also know the term HTML code or HTML character code for the < that makes the < symbol show up on this web page or the &gt; that makes the > symbol show up or the &cent; character code that makes ¢ show up. Does this make any ¢ to you? Know the name or term and refer to that in your answer. Watch what happens when you type an & symbol in the Code window versus what happens when you type the & in the Code view window in Dreamweaver.
  3. The study guide from October will be used again to make some new questions for the final exam and to repeat some questions from the October midterm exam.
  4. Fireworks questions and terms. ... (check back later)... Disjoint rollovers, Behavior Handles, Frames, Slices.

  5. Dreamweaver and hot spots. More on Code, Split and Design view windows. Dreamweaver and Image Maps for hot spots.