Flash Study Guide - 810:022 Final Exam - December 15, 2008
Does not include Flash video questions YET. Check back later.

On 12/12/Friday handout

See below for some of the answers!

  1. What can be Motion Tweened besides changes of LOCATION? The Friday 12/12/2008 example used MOTION TWEENED FOUR different things. See if you can spot all FOUR of them by clicking on the SAY HELLO button and watching the ANIMATION? (Note: See question #3 above here, where you are asked to name THREE things that can be Motion Tweened).

  2. Link to Part 3: Flash to Dreamweaver practice questions. Chapter 07: Building Flash Intros and Chapter 08: Setting Up Flash Video...
    The Chap 08 Intros and Chap 09 Video study guide is NOT YET READY. It will be ready soon, but you do have experience doing an assignment from each of these chapters.