Wizard of Oz, Thinking, Observing, Problem Solving

  1. Flash video and ActionScript 3.0 methods and properties experiment.

  2. Be patient when you try the Scarecrow math button. It will play four repeated segments of bad geometry, but they will get shorter and shorter and be followed by some special animated effects.

  3. Here is the Actionscript 3.0 code that was used.
    goto55_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, seeTheThree);
    function seeTheThree(evt:MouseEvent):void
       trace("The playhead time is: " + OzPlayer.playheadTime);
    playThrice_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, play3times);
    var t:int = -1;
    var a:Array = new Array(557,  514, 557, 492);
    function play3times(evt:MouseEvent):void
       t = 3;
    stage.addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, playScarecrow);
    function playScarecrow(ev:Event):void
       if (OzPlayer.playing && t >= 0 && OzPlayer.playheadTime > 573) 
          if (t < 0) 
       if (OzPlayer.playheadTime > 610)
  4. The OzPlayer is the FLVPlayback component. OzPlayer is the Instance Name it was given, so it can be referred to in the code and call methods.

  5. OzPlayer.seek(120); is the statement that would move the video player to the 120th second of the video, i.e. exactly two minutes in, or perhaps one second short of two minutes into the video.

  6. quote is the instance name of a Movie Clip type Symbol. The quote was taken from this web page as a screen snapshot, cropped in photoshop and then saved as a JPEG file.

    An imported JPEG file cannot be animated in Flash, so the actual JPEG was imported into Flash and then converted to a movie clip symbol called ScarecrowQuoteSymbol. This symbol was used in three different keyframes of a library symbol named quoteAnimatedSymbol. The Motion Tweens are between Keyframes 1, 200 and 320. Keyframes 1 and 320 have Alpha property of 0, thus the instance of quoteAnimatedSymbol named "quote" is invisible until we say quote.play(); which causes it to become visible and then fade to invisible again.

  7. The wicked witch says: "We'll let them think ..." and that was dangerous. The scarecrow responded to her suggestion. Watch the scarecrow problem solve, look over the entire situation, figure out what tools to use and what possibilities were available. What he comes up with throws a little light on the situation, so to speak. So even though later on he spouts some very incorrect geometry, indeed, he is already the thinker and problem solver and able to see an opening to getting them out of the trap they are in.

  8. John Coltrane FLV video: FLVPLayback and FLVPlaybackCaptioning components quick demo (December 8th, 2008). John Coltrane saxophone solo. Autohide is set to TRUE for the SkinUnderAll.swf file of the FLVPlayback component.