Cue Points in Flash Video - Chapter 08 supplement - December 01, 2008

  1. ClipNabber involves pasting in the URL, clicking the Nab Video button, and then right-clicking on a download link. Very easy to use.

  2. Lowery textbook: Chapter 08 files for learning Flash video.

  3. Ghostbusters video has sound and uses the FLVPlaybackCaptioning Component to display captions on the video. The video clip was ClipNabbed from YouTube.

  4. Flash Online Help: Working with Video
  5. Progressively Downloading Video with Flash is the approach emphacized by the Adobe CS3 Web Workflows - Building Web Sites with Adobe Creative Suite 3 textbook.

  6. Embedding Cue Points in Flash Video
  7. The FLVPlayback component: Overview of WHAT FLVPlayback does and the details of HOW to configure FLVPlayback.

var nc:NetConnection = new NetConnection();
var ns:NetStream = new NetStream(nc);
ns.client = this;"Surface3.flv");
var vid:Video = new Video();

vid.x = 114;
vid.y = 40;

function onCuePoint(infoObject:Object):void
    var key:String;
    for (key in infoObject)
        trace(key + ": " + infoObject[key]);
	trace("-----------------> " + key + " <---------- is done now");
	trace(" ");
	name_txt.text = infoObject["name"];
	time_txt.text = infoObject["time"];
	if (infoObject["name"] == "startToStand")
		Message_txt.text = "This is where she begins to stand up...  The pause() method was called.  Click the blue button to resume().";
	else if (infoObject["name"] == "startArmLift")
		Message_txt.text = ("She lifts her arms, slowly, expansively...  Click the blue button to resume() again.  Note: Cue points are NOT covered in Adobe CS3 Web Workflows textbook.");
	else if (infoObject["name"] == "startTurnLeft")
		Message_txt.text = ("She turns to her left, about 90 degrees...  Note: The pause() method was not called at this 3rd and last cue point.");
stopGo_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, stopGo);
function stopGo(evt:MouseEvent): void