Assignment Four - Captioned Video with FLVPlayback and FLVPlaybackCaptioning Components - Chapter 08

  1. Shannon is done. McLeod Center player/cheerleader collision.

  2. Eric is done. Homer Simpson humor - voting.

  3. Hassan is done. DUI ZYXW...CBA and dancing.

  4. Mustafa is done. Bloodo. Cute kids.

  5. Heather is done. Numa Numa.

  6. Ian is done. D-O-G cartoon animation.

  7. Hussain is done. Nintendo Wii exciting games.

  8. Adam is done. Funny comedy by Jeff Dunham.

  9. Baqer is done. Prison Break episode excerpt.

  10. Chad is done. Two seconds left in the football game...

  11. Samantha is done. Gummy Bear problem solving. ... DINOSAUR TREAT connection here ... 2013 OKAY...

    OKAY 2013...

  12. Calvin is done. Twisted Reality video special effects.

  13. Megan is done. Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas classic.

  14. Amy is done. Six year old sensational singer.

  15. Melissa is done. Jon and Kate Plus 8 = Ten!

  16. Jodie is done. Buddy the Elf!

  17. Joe is done. Top Ten Favorite George W. Bush moments - David Letterman show.

  18. Greg is done. Snow boarding white powder dream.

  19. ... who will be the 19th to send the URL with their solution? ...

  20. ... who will be the 20th to send the URL with their solution? ...

  21. ... who will be the 21st to send the URL with their solution? ...

Assignment Three - fade in/fade out overlapping images on intro to site pages in Adobe Flash

  1. Eric is done. Which Residence Hall to choose. Skip Intro button turns from GREEN - G R E E N to RED - R E D on the OVER state of the button. The SKIP INTRO button DOWN state moves it visually downward and to the right, which is traditional.

  2. Megan is done. Friends and Family. OVER state of button shows a colored background. DOWN state is the traditional downward, rightward move, but with OVER state colored background disappearing. Notice that the HIT state is larger than the text, so its a bigger button than what you see and easy to use.

  3. Samantha is done. Campfire treat. There is a Ghostbusters connection here. 2013 - OKAY...

    OKAY 2013...

  4. Adam is done. Posters a plenty for any theme.

  5. Heather is done. Halloween Track and Field challenge.

  6. Chad is done. NFL football. Tampa Bay, Green Bay, New York, Dallas.

  7. Joe is done. Spinning Sports facilities at UNI.

  8. Mustafa is done. Green house flowers.

  9. Hussain is done. Grammy award winning rapper.

  10. Thomas is done. World Beard and Mustache Championships.

  11. Hassan is done. Merry Christmas.

  12. Ian is done. This is a pair of sites.

  13. Melissa is done. Wonderful wild animals.

  14. Jodie is done. Flowers.

  15. Shannon is done. Libero Ellie.

  16. Calvin is done. Music scenes.

  17. Baqer is done. Emmy Award winning Prison Break show's stars.

  18. Kylie is done. Favorite movies as intro to site.

  19. Greg is done. Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

  20. Amy is done. Funny Animals.

Assignment Two - disjoint rollovers in Adobe Fireworks

  1. Eric is done. UNI football results.

  2. Shannon is done. UNI volleyball player photos and profiles.

  3. Joe is done. Northern Iowa, Iowa State, U of Iowa buttons with school colors and LOGOs on rollover.

  4. Chad is done. Cars was a great animated movie. Corvette and Ferrari ...

  5. Samantha is done. 90's Nickalodeon Cartoons... OKAY 2013....

    OKAY 2013...

  6. Adam is done. GBPAC upcoming events.

  7. Hussain is done. Adobe CS4 information.

  8. Hassan is done. South Park characters and link.

  9. Mustafa is done. English football league.

  10. Melissa is done. California and CSU at Chico (Today Decides Tommorrow).

  11. Thomas is done. Sports drinks links.

  12. Kylie is done. Sports teams.

  13. Jodie is done. Ballet.

  14. Ian is done. Art works. From Reality to Eventuality.

  15. Calvin is done. Metal Bands.

  16. Greg is done. Guitars.

  17. Nick is done. Snowmobiles.

  18. Megan is done. Puppies.

  19. Amy is done. Dogs. OKAY - 2013....

    2013 - OKAY.....

  20. Heather is done. UNI athletics.

  21. Baqer is done. Windows many versions back to just after Windows 3.1, but not including Windows NT.

Assignment One - popup menus with submenus in Adobe Fireworks

  1. Joe is done. Great American West. Also, separate Text Paths examples.

  2. Shannon is done. Polar Bear and UNI and search engine links.

  3. Eric is done. UNI Colleges and Departments.

  4. Chad is done. Car and games...

  5. Amy is done. Greece and Capstone in Santorini.

  6. Thomas is done. Conspiracy theories.

  7. Calvin is done. Digital Art Resources.

  8. Adam is done. Movies, including Ghostbuster's scenes.

  9. Melissa is done. Happy Halloween is the theme...

  10. Hussain is done. Cloud Gate sculpture in Chicago.

  11. Hassan is done. Lightscribe Technology.

  12. Megan is done. Niagara Falls photography and info.

  13. Ian is done. Electronic Music info.

  14. Baqer is done. UNI web page links.

  15. Nick is done. Aspen, Colorado winter vacation theme.

  16. Jodie is done. Vacation hotspots.

  17. Samantha is done. The Skies are ablaze with the sound of music. OKAY - 2013...

    OKAY - 2013...

  18. Heather is done. Our amazing world.

  19. Kylie is done. Top artists in the hip-hop music industry!

  20. Gregory is done. Guitars and guitarists.

  21. Mustafa is done. United States - four states and two cities.