Class #21 - Fireworks Buttons, Frames and Disjoint Rollovers - Monday 10/13/2008

  1. Fireworks Disjoint Rollovers and the Behavior Handle discussion.

  2. Read Chapter Four of Adobe CS3 Web Workflows and do the Fireworks exercises.

  3. Chapters 5 and 6 of Lowery book will be covered for further development of your Adobe and FW and DW skills.

  4. Colorize an Image: Hue, Saturation Adjust Color Live Filter experiments.

  5. Creating a disjoint rollover using Fireworks.

  6. Applying Live Filters such as Glows, Drop Shadows, Bevels and Blurs using Fireworks.

  7. Additional information and thoughts on Filters along with a discussion of the Fireworks menus and commands used to create the 3 button, disjoint rollover application.

  8. Your assignment will be linked here when it is ready, but you certainly can start by trying to imitate this one. The images you need are linked below, but you are welcome to use your own.


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