Fireworks assignment one - Slices, popup menus and getting text to follow a path

Please scroll down to bottom of this web page for more information and links to the Firefox tutorials along with a description of your assignment.



The antlered elk with UNI Panthers and a popup menu was created in class on Friday, October 24th. We resized the tiny Elk photograph and cropped the Elk photo too. The trick to resizing in Fireworks seems to be to use the Modify > Transform > Scale command and then use corner handles on the graphic, to keep the proportions exactly the same. It is easier in Flash than it is in Fireworks.

Creating pop-up menus with Firefox (with access to all the Firefox tutorials).

How do you get Firefox to attach text to a path you have drawn using the Pen tool (Vector graphic tool)? Look over this Attaching Text to a Path tutorial to review what we did in the lab class.

This assignment will be due by Friday, October 31st. If you need help uploading it to, please see me after class and/or make an appointment to get help. It would also be helpful if you ask questions in class. You need to use Fireworks to make the popupmenu and the path following text. You can publish the Fireworks file as shown in the Friday lab and demonstrated again during follow-up classes in 322 ITT classroom. You can also use Dreamweaver on the FW published .htm file if you wish.

Send email to when you get the project done. Tell me what the URL is to get to your assignment.

Your page can be whatever is entertaining or useful to you. It can be about your hobbies, your favorite animal or pet or musician or state or vacation or whatever. The assignment is for learning the Fireworks concepts and skills, along with and some Dreamweaver practice.

You should be reading and doing chapters 4, 5 and 6 of the textbook as well, if you have not already done those chapters that use Fireworks.