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Friday, August 29th, 2008 lab

Would you like to work in Code view, or Split view or Design view? Split view is the best of both worlds. What in the world is Code view? What in the world is Design view? In the old days, there was no such thing as working in Design view!!!

In the Code view, you see the HTML tags. You also see the content of your document. You do NOT see the result of the Markup Language tags! To see the result of each of the HTML tags, you use Design view. What is an even better way to see what your web page is going to look like? File menu, Preview in Browser.

You will get used to the HR tag (Horizontal Rule or Horizontal Ruler) on Friday in the lab. Insert menu, Tag... brings up the Tag Chooser dialogue box. From there, if you expand the HTML tags and then expand the Page Elements by clicking on the + sign for each, you will then be able to click on General. You should now see the most Generally useful Page Element tags (HyperText Markup Language = HTML) tags. One of your choices will be HR.
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Refresh button

Watch the bottom of your Dreamweaver window for this button.

When you click the Refresh button, you will see the Design view window pane change to display new marked up content, such as a Horizontal Rule (HR tag).

This paragraph was changed to align="left" while working in DESIGN view. Note in class how the Tab key is used, and how helpful the DW editor is at showing you the choices for that attribute that a paragraph can have. Watch the monitor and not just the keyboard, and you can save some keystrokes by letting the DW editor do tag completion for you. Watch carefully and during the class on how you can use this feature of DW to your advantage. Write down what to do and what NOT to do. How did I make the previous two sentences BOLD, or rather STRONG? Properties window B button at the bottom of the DW window. Of course, Select and then ACT, so the SELECTing of the two sentences preceeds the ACTION of clicking the B button.
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Not really my 1st Dream Weave'ed page!


UNI News

Spin the wheel at the Union and possibly win a big prize, such as a stadium blanket! Veridian is also giving out FREE popcorn. Essentials is providing the POPCORN, so it is ummm GOOD!

Just go to the Maucker Union after class! :-)

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