Creating animations using shape tweens

Chris Georgenes tutorial ideas for 810:023 on 01/23/2009/Friday lab

  1. How to control shape changes with shape hints. Hints on how to do shape hints.

  2. Get your Flash in Shape by doing this workout: Watch the video demonstration by CG.

    Then read the tutorial Creating animations using Shape Tweens by Chris Georgenes (CG).

  3. From the left to the right we have 3 different Shape Tweens:

    Shape hints
    Two shape hints were added to the Keyframes at Frame #1 and Frame #25. Notice how the Square morphs CLOCKWISE to become a Circle and the Circle morphs CLOCKWISE to return to being a SQUARE form #25 to #50.
    Ease In - Ease Out
    The Square Eases In to being a Circle and then the Circle Eases Out to become a Square again.
    Shape Tween
    Absolutely basic with no shape hints and no easing in or easing out, so a constant rate of change from one shape to the other. Not customized at all.

  4. Shape Tweening is MORPHing and first became widely known via the Terminator movies. California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger MORPHed his career from movie magic to politics.