Final Exam period is on Thursday 12/19/2015 - Final Exam period (10-11:50 am)
11:00 T Th**  10:00-11:50 a.m.   Thursday, December 17

CS 1025 Modern Tools for Exploring Data
aka Computational Modeling and Simulation

December 19th, 2015 Thursday 10:00 am due date
Basis for small group exercise, group presentations and class discussion (10-11:50 am).

  1. GB12_03_2015.html - Resources on GB, Much Ado About Nothing, DWW and PW.

  2. NEW: GB2015.html from Eric Maisel Fearless Creating to shhhhh and quiet to quotes and scenes from GB, DWW and PW movies....

Purpose 1:
Bringing written results of your brainstorming for small group discussion.

Purpose 2:
Previewing the ideas that will be illustrated with scenes from the following four movies:

  1. Ghostbusters
  2. Pretty Woman
  3. Dances With Wolves
  4. Much Ado About Nothing

Purpose 3:
Celebrating problem solving and creative, critical thinking and how to apply it to future classes and endeavors.

  1. Read the material on Ghostbusters and on problem solving by the Waggle Dancing Bees and take some (lots of) notes.

    Watch the scenes from Ghostbusters that are linked to on YouTube from the following page: GB2015.html. Total of 5 different Ghostbuster's scenes. Some we have watched, some we have not.

    Write down at least one paragraph of your ideas/confusions/ questions/applications/connections (and/or) to bring to the group discussion. You will read this paragraph to the other members of your small group.

  2. Read the material from Coaching the Artist Within (by Eric Maisel). Take some (lots of) notes.

    1. Try to relate that material to the Peter Venkman quote about "studying the effects of negative reinforcement on ESP ability".

    2. Try to relate that material to the Dances With Wolves quotes (How Stands With a Fist got her name) and to the Pretty Woman quote.

      Both dialogues are on the following page: GB2015.html for Stands With a Fist - John Dunbar conversation and for Vivian - Edward Lewis conversation.

    3. Look up the word "attitude" in the dictionary. Write down the definition. Develop some insight or express some confusion or ask some question about how that definition relates to Ghostbusters, to Polya quote in ghost.txt, and/or to the Eric Maisel readings on Coaching the Artist Within and Getting a Grip on Your Mind.

    4. Look up the word "confusion" in the dictionary. Write down the definition. Develop some insight or an educated guess as to how confusion might relate to the word attitude and to slimers in the Ghostbusters movie and/or to the Pretty Woman and Dances With Wolves quotes.

    5. See page EEE of the EricMaisel2.pdf handout. (Coaching the Artist Within on 5 pages instead of 1 page)

      Write down the simple three-step procedure:

      1. notice and identify;
      2. dispute the self-sabotaging; and
      3. substitute the useful).

      Come up with an example of this from your experience and observation or readings and imagination. Write it down (all 3 parts).

  3. Answer question #1 and one other question (2, 3, 4, 5 or 6) from the following Ghostbusters and Problem Solving assignment page from a long ago 810:025 Computer Skills and Concepts assignment.

    Note that question #1 has 6 bullets or diamonds.
    Note that IF is Inventive Fecundity and TCM is Tough Critical-Mindedness.

    Peter Elbow part 1. Gems and bad stuff. Free rein. Babies versus 12 year olds.

    Peter Elbow part 2.
    "Writing calls on two skills that are so different that they usually conflict with each other; creating and criticizing. IF and TCM, two mentalities.

  4. Questions #4 and #5 are on the following PDF page: PDF with take home exam tasks #4 and #5. GB12_17_2015.pdf

    #4: From Stem to Steam and Mindsets is task #4.

    #5: Fearless Creating Hushing and Holding is task #5.

  5. You will use the following handout STEMtoSTEAM.pdf for question #4 in the GB12_17_2015.pdf, which also has a link to the Mindset book that From Stem to Steam references.

    The From STEM to STEAM handout about Mind-Sets that Hinder and Mind-Sets that Improve Achievement. It is strongly related to the Dr Peter Venkamn quote and the Dances With Wolves scene about how Stands With a Fist got her name and now to the new Pretty Woman movie quote.

    "Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, oh my!" says Dorothy. "We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto!"

    STEAM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

  6. Bring your hand-written sheets of paper covering all of these 5 different tasks with your answers, quotes, insights, questions, confusions, etc.

    This is the ONLY thing that is required to be done by the final exam period, which starts at 10 am on Thursday. It is the basis for being prepared for GROUP DISCUSSION followed by GROUP PRESENTATIONS and CLASS DISCUSSION.

    It ensures that every CS 1025 student contributes to the group discussion and helps develop a higher level group presentation.

    Your take home exam written tasks are due at the BEGINNING of class, i.e. at 10 am sharp.