Due at 3:00 pm on Thursday 5/09/13

CS 1020 Microcomputer Systems brainstorming to prepare for in-class group exercise.

  1. Read the material on Ghostbusters and on Waggle Dancing Bees and take some notes.

    Write down at least one paragraph of your ideas/confusions/ questions/applications/connections (and/or) to bring to the group discussion. You will read this paragraph to the other members of your small group.

  2. Read the material from Coaching the Artist Within. Take some notes.

    1. Try to relate that material to the Peter Venkman quote about "studying the effects of negative reinforcement on ESP ability".

    2. Look up the word "attitude" in the dictionary. Write down the definition. Develop some insight or express some confusion or ask some question about how that definition relates to Ghostbusters, to the Polya quote in ghost.txt, and/or to the Eric Maisel readings on Coaching the Artist Within and Getting a Grip on Your Mind.

    3. See page EEE of the EricMaisel2.pdf handout. Write down the simple three-step procedure (1. notice and identify; 2. dispute the self-sabotaging; and 3. substitute the useful).

      Come up with an example of this from your experience and observation or readings and imagination. Write it down (all 3 parts).

      Coaching the Artist Within handout on one page.

  3. Bring one sheet of paper filled up on at least one side with your paragraph(s) from 1 above and your tasks and output from 2 (i. and ii. and iii.). This needs to be done before the final exam period. It is the basis for being prepared for GROUP DISCUSSION followed by CLASS DISCUSSION.

  4. Answer questions i. ii. iii. iv. and v.GB1. from the following document. You do NOT need to answer questions v.GB2. or v.GB3.

    Five Ghostbuster's questions...

        i. Dr. Peter Venkman symbolizes...
       ii. Dr. Raymond Stantz symbolizes...
      iii. Dr. Egon Spengler symbolizes...
       iv. What are the 3 D's that the waggle dancing bees convey...
        v. GB1. Six different key phrases from the three sentences:
    Step one of the Modeling Process: Analyze the problem.
            One paragraph consisting of three sentences. 
            Please feel free to totally ignore the 2nd sentence, 
            except for the first 8 words:
                "At this stage, we determine the problem's objective ... ".
      "We must first study the situation sufficiently to identify the 
       problem precisely and understand its fundamental questions clearly."
      "Only with a clear, precise problem identification can we translate 
       the problem into mathematical symbols and develop and solve the model."
        DO NOT ANSWER or worry about v.GB2. or v.GB3.

    v.GB1. question: v.GB1. material on Step one of the Modeling Process: Analyze the problem is one paragraph and 3 sentences. There are SIX phrases taken out of the THREE sentences.

  5. Your answers to the i., ii., iii. iv. and v.GB1 (See LI List Item #3 above) can be on the other side of the same sheet of paper.