StudioIT Lab class - Tuesday, September 3rd, 2009

  1. Ventana Vensim: Vensim tutorial one. We started this during class #1 and continued it during class #3.

  2. Vensim download page, if you want to use it on your own PC.

  3. What does the Control Panel look like? What does the Sketch look like? What does the Table look like? See all three of these Vensim interfaces.

  4. Look at the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet example and the Excel formulas that were used to do the same population simulation in class.

Try this, please:
Bring up NetLogo

File menu -> New command

Click on the "Procedures" tab.

Insert the following LOGO turtle graphics statements into the code area:

----------Begin code clip-----------

to setup
   create-turtles 100
   ask turtles
     [ forward random 8 ]

--------- End of clip --------------

Return to the interface by clicking on the "Interface" tab.  At the very 
bottom of the display, there is a "observer" text field.  In this text 
field, type "setup" and hit return.  You should see the results of your 
very first NetLogo program!