Computational Modeling and Simulation - Spring 2011
Study Guide - 10-11:50 Wednesday May 4th exam

  1. Quiz Two is part of the study guide for the final exam test/quiz.

    The game of LIFE was NOT on quiz two, but I have included two pages on that because it will be on the final. NetLogo File Menu > Models Library > Computer Science category > Cellular Automata > Life to open up the LIFE model. Online LIFE Netlogo model.

  2. Quiz Two Study Guide is part of the study guide for the final exam.

  3. Turtles on quiz two question formed a CIRCLE: NetLogo Circles or Rectangles of Turtles - demonstration of cro 8 and fd 8 or fd squareRoot( 128 ) to form a RECTANGLE of 8 turtles. Uses the COSINE trig function.

  4. FINAL EXAM: Using the COSINE and some basic trigonometry to place all the turtles in two rows and two columns of the turtle world.

    Planes form a perfect circle: Odd turtles move SAME distance as EVEN, move FARTHER than EVEN, or move LESS than EVEN. Divide by or Multiply by COSINE.

  5. Oil Percolating and Cellular Automata models following simple rules that create fractal patterns. Earlier paper and pencil exercise that was also shown in Excel. Seed, hexagonal cells, and a lookup table of rules.

  6. The FIRE model and the CONE OF VISION. Neighbors of patches are 4 or 8 squares. Also see FireModelVariation01.jpg and the model that demonstrates different distances and amounts of peripheral vision with the in-cone CONE of VISION.

    See the code seeingCone.pdf and the colors.

  7. Monte Carlo and Microsoft Excel - finding the area by throwing darts. What do the INT() and the RAND() and the IF() Excel functions do in the simulation model? What if you want to generate random numbers between 10 and 16? =RAND()*6 + 10 would do it? What if you wanted to generate random y values for the dart that were between 2 and 10? =RAND()*8 + 2 would do the job? Where did the 8 come from? Why add 2 to get the proper Y for the dart?

  8. Dividing by 3 - ifelse and the remainder function with remainder 0, or 1 or 2. Turtles and Planes and Fish. Also see and read about and study the Flying and Fishing model.

  9. Ventana VENSIM review questions. Seven questions over two pages and nine paragraphs.

Instead of a mandatory take-home exam, the take-home exam will be an optional extra-credit that will be available for you AFTER you take the final exam, if you wish. You would have until the following Monday at 5 p.m. to turn it in. The most it could raise your grade would be 2/3 of a grade - i.e. if you had a B- and did very well on it, your B- would become a B+. If you did okay on it, your B- would become a B instead of a B-. C to C+ if okay, C to B- if very well done. B to B+ if okay, B to A- if very well done.