Computational Modeling and Simulation - Fall 2009

  1. Try this out - NetLOGO Sounds and Sights show with Square Dancing Turtles and many musical instruments.
       set theInstruments [ "Sitar" "Trombone" "Trumpet" "Harmonica" 
                            "Tubular Bells" "Honky-tonk Piano" 
                            "Marimba" "Flute" }
  2. NetLogo Assignment: The NetLOGOassignment.pdf was handed out on Wednesday, January 19th.

  3. Music: Fall 2009 - email025Nov17th - Tuesday - Oh Susanna group exercise followup. This will be a Twinkle Twinkle Little Star homework resource and example.

  4. NetLogo music Example: Happy Birthday song with NetLogo, including procedure with parameters and using a double list to specify the note and the note's duration.

  5. The Happy Birthday NetLogo music example with circle examples (circle and circle2).

Making Music with NetLogo: MusicLOGO.txt is the code. Paste this code into the Procdures section of a new NelLogo model and try out the various procedures. Or you can RMB (Right Mouse Button) click on the nlogo file and download and save it to your computer and then open it up with NetLogo's File menu, Open command. - MusicNov9th.nlogo is the entire NetLogo application.

extensions [sound]

;; play a C-major scale on a xylophone - 60 = C and 60 + 12 = 72 = C

to playCmajor
   foreach [60 62 64 65 67 69 71 72 71 69 67 65 64 62 60] [ 
      sound:start-note "XYLOPHONE" ? 65
      wait 0.2
      sound:stop-note "XYLOPHONE" ?

Fly Fishing example - extensive explanation of IFELSE and REMAINDER and WHO numbers for turtles.