Initial Maker Program Assignment #1.  Due: Monday,  September 10thth


·         Alt+PrintScreen of the running program with your name as the input data and results.


Printout of the VB code with your name in a comment at the top of the code module.


1.       To get a printout of what the running application looks like, you need to use the Print Screen key. 


2.       PrintScreen by itself captures the entire screen to the clipboard.  Holding down the Alt key and then pressing PrintScreen for about ¼ second or so, captures only the active window or dialog box to the screen.


3.       To turn in screen snapshots of what your running Visual Basic program looks like, simply run the program and then enter data and do commands until the application is just as you want it look for the hard copy printout.  Using your own name as data would be a wonderful idea.


4.       Press and hold down the Alt key, and then press the PrintScreen key for ¼ to ½ second.  This places a copy of your running application window (FORM) on the windows clipboard.


5.       Start up Microsoft Word or PhotoShop or WordPerfect or WordPad or some application you have available.  Notepad will not work.  Use the Edit menu Paste command or the Ctrl+V shortcut to Paste the graphic snapshot into your document or unto your canvas.


6.       Print the Word (or whatever) document.  Note that the document has your name in it.  That is why I always have the title bar of the Form contain the student’s name.  Remember that!  Your name is always part of the Caption property of the FORM object!


7.       You will also turn in a printout of your Visual Basic code.  You do not need to turn in the Form Image or the Form As Text printouts.


If you are brand new to using the Wright 112 and Wright 339 labs, I will be glad to help you.  The Z: drive is where you can save all of your work.  Change what printer you are pointed to, if needed.