Monte Carlo Assignment - Due on Monday, November 14th, 2005

                         2                    2
   Function f is f(x) = x  + x - 0.6 (or y = x + x - 0.6

                                2                      2
   Function g is g(x) = 1.5x - x + 0.3 (or y = 1.5x - x + 0.3

The X and Y axis are shown for -2 to 2 values.

The green lines are shown for -1.2 to 1.2 on both axis. The square has an area of 4, since the corners of the square are at -1 or 1 for each (x, y) pair.

You will model your program after the examples handed out in class, and available on this web site. You do NOT have to use the Sleep() function.

The format for a function declaration was explained in class and handed out on Friday, November 4th.

Here are Monte Carlo Resources and handouts.