Due date:  Monday June 17th, at the start of class or by 6 p.m. if you need help yet on Monday after class.


What to turn in:  Printouts of the Form As Text and the Code and the screen snapshot of the running program.  We use Alt+Printscreen to capture the active window to the Windows clipboard.  Then you can Edit menu, Paste the screen snapshot of that active window into any application, such as Microsoft Word or Paint or PhotoShop.  After its part of a Word document or a Paint canvas, all you have to do is File menu Print it. 



Pages 54 and 55 Projects #2 (Shrub and Turf Lawn Care) and #3 (ACME, INC Gas Mileage Testing Program) are the two exercises you will do and turn in.  There is very little code for these chapter 2 programs.   You add more to them on a later assignment, from chapter 3 exercises.


The code should have a Written by YOUR NAME comment line and what the due date and assignment number of the Visual Basic assignment is.   These are both part of Assignment #1.


The Form should have a Caption saying something like:  Your name’s Mileage Calculator” for each and every form you printout..