810:061:02 - Spring 2003

Reference to the Objectdraw methods and constructors for Williams College graphics package.

VIP: First 8 weeks web page. Java is comprehensive and the skills are cumulative, so be sure to review all material often!

  1. Final Exam Study Guide and Outline. This was an email note too.

  2. FROGGER HINTS: Frogger Email Note should be very, very helpful. FROGGER NOTE #1 (Thursday late afternoon).

  3. FROGGER HINTS 2: Frogger Email Note #2 from Thursday evening during F*R*I*E*N*D*S half-hour. VERY HELPFUL for Frogger project and for smooth sailing in CS II next fall. Very, very, very helpful in preparing for the final exam too, as well as in preparing for future programming courses. FROGGER NOTE #2

  4. 8:08 PM - FROGGER HINTS 3: Frogger hopToward() method hints, with ASCII diagram Note #3 sent at 8:08 p.m. Thursday evening.
    Why the following coding pattern is sometimes ideal to utilize:
       if (       A         )
           A stuff
       else if (     B       )
           B statements
       else if (    C        )
           C statements
       else if (     D       )
           D statements

  5. Read and reread this: Frogger assignment with Frogs, Vehicles, Lanes for the road and the needed graphics files. This assignment handout (available here if you do not still have your handout with you), has many details about what is needed for the assignment and constructors and classes. Don't neglect to read it very thoroughly and reread it as you work on the project!

  6. Here is an old fall Frogger email note from fall 2002 semester that has been available from the main frogger page since it was assigned. Might be helpful, if you didn't study it earlier. If you did study it earlier, might be still helpful to review it.

Recursion and Java

Was it a made shot???. Correcting some possibly incorrect information related to this issue.

  1. Interfaces: Chapter 6 of the Williams College textbook.

  2. Exam on Thursday, April 24th. Second midterm exam. TEST TWO!

  3. Thursday, April 17th command line arguments and jGrasp Run menu options (besides the Run As Applet command). Excellent introduction to ARRAY concepts too.

  4. V pattern printing. Notice that the body of the for loop consists of four different steps. In-class problem from Tuesday, April 15th.

    Monday, April 21st: V pattern printing version 2. Notice how it is done with FEWER prints. This is closer to how you would do it on a canvas! Build up the entire string for one line of output, and then either System.out.println() it or else new Text( myLine, x, y, canvas); it.

  5. Your next assignment involves String processing, nested FOR loops and the JOptionPane example from Thursday, April 3rd class. It is due on Tuesday, April 21st by 11 a.m.

  6. Reading Input and String processing example from Thursday, April 3rd class.

    We modified the example so it printed the movie name vertically, and further modified so it printed it vertically using a staircase, staggered pattern for the letters.

     Vertically    Staircase       
     ----------    ---------
         G         G            
         h          h
         o           o
         s            s
         t             t
         b              b
         u               u
         s                s
         t                 t
         e                  e
         r                   r
         s                    s
      The 2nd, staggered staircase solution required a nested loop
      structure and introduced the Java for loop construct for the 
      implementation of the inner loop.  The inner loop printed the
      leading spaces:  1 for the G, 2 for the h, 3 for the o, 4 for the s,
      5 for the t, ... and 12 for the s.
  7. Summary of Boxball SASP group exercise class. This is very useful in getting started on your Boxball game project.

  8. Boxball game assignment will be introduced in class on Thursday, March 27th. This link has the assignment, the download files and lots of examples to study and develop ideas from.

  9. Email note: March 25th Big Java example compiled on cowboy using javac, pico, java and more Unix commands. Also, look at Active objects an Purple Rain.

  10. Here is your Lab 4 Yahtzee game assignment and resources.

  11. Help on Die class and RandomIntGenerator needed to roll() the dice objects and the keyword static and why you would make a variable Private and STATIC.
  12. Active objects an raindrops keep falling and filling up the lake, when I'm clicking on the canvas. Chapter 5 example and commentary. Purple rain.

  13. Before winter is over, check out this Snowman graphic, which is a GIF file and illustrates the objectdraw package getImage() function and the Image and VisibleImage classes.

  14. Active Objects lecture: Falling Snow, Pong.

  15. A shooting game where you drop balls and try to land them inside of a box. This game has a flaw, and will not count some made shots and will record some missed shots as made shots.

  16. Boxball shooting game, with the flaw removed. Game has three different levels of difficulty: Easy, Medium and Hard.

  17. First phase of writing the Boxball game: Boxball box resizing for levels of difficulty, and the shot line relocating to increase or decrease distance of the drop or shot.