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Computer Science I - Java - 810:061 - Fall 2002 (1st four weeks) - Mark Jacobson

Library photocopied textbook chapters.

Tentative course outline with week by week readings, exam dates, tentative assignment due dates, and suggestions for how to achieve the most success and enjoyment from Computer Science I.

Graduate students 810:061 Java help hours in Wright 339 lab (Wright 112 lab after 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday).

Color coded TA Schedule for Daniel and PJ, indicating the WRT 339 lab TA hours in BLUE and the WRT 112 TA hours in RED.

  1. Laundry is late penalty, minor if you don't miss Friday's class, and upcoming Laundry Program Hints and Wednesday class session summary will IS POSTED HERE NOW, just before UNI/IOWA volleyball. PLEASE SEE ITEM #17 and ITEM #18 BELOW HERE.

  2. If you want to DOWNLOAD jGrasp and the Java SDK for your PC, follow these instructions.

    Additional SDK Compiler instructions only if you had problems getting it to work, and are sure the problems are not related to needing objectdraw.jar for Williams textbook.

  3. Class #2 outline and review is now started.

  4. Hands-on Wright 112 lab class: Class #3 outline and review. More will be added to this page on Saturday and Sunday, so check it again before Wednesday's class. Be sure the READ over the lecture notes from Mark Fienup's Thursday class too. We will only have two classes next week, due to Labor Day, but want to try to keep on schedule with Fienup's section of Computer Science I.

  5. If you did not get your account, or if you need your password reset because you forgot it, go to Wright 337 and see the system administrator, Aaron Thompson. He is home sick today (Friday August 30th), but is usually around between 8 and 5 in Wright 337 or the nearby Wright 339 lab. Remember, there is HELP AVAILABLE IN Wright 339 and 112 labs starting next Tuesday.

  6. Friday, September 6th lecture material. Study this BEFORE class on Friday, and be sure to try out and run all of the online Java Applet examples.

  7. Here is Lab 2 Assignment, which is due on Friday, September 13th. The downloadable files links are here too. You do NOT need to download objectdraw.jar again.

  8. Here is an example program that is fun to play with. Play with this JAVA scribble based program BEFORE class on Wednesday, please. Think about how this program differs from the original Scribble program. Preview the new Color(redness, greenness, blueness) constructor from your BLUE sheet.

  9. VIP note/hints/directions for Program #2, and how it needs some private instance variables. You cannot do it with just local variables declared inside of the methods!

  10. Class #7 lecture notes.

  11. Class #8 Friday, September 13th lecture notes are HERE now. Preview them BEFORE Friday class. Look over the Humpty Dumpty contains(point) method example too, as well as the purple box dragging example Applet and its code.

  12. LAB #3 Programming Project #3 Assignment is due on Friday, September 20th, at the start of class.

  13. Monday, September 16th LECTURE on the Pong game, conditionals, boolean expressions, Random numbers, etc. Preview this BEFORE the Monday class.

  14. After your PREVIEW: Exercises to try or just to think about:

    Notice the if ... else ... and the if ... else if .... else structures.

    Write a program that displays a Random number on the screen every time the user clicks the mouse. Display the Random number in a Text object. Or, think about how you could display the Random number BELOW the previously displayed Random numbers. Have your random numbers be ints (INTEGERS) ranging in value from 1 to 365, representing a day of the year.

  15. Problem solving phases and Biction: Resist the Urge to Code Proverb on programming and software development.

  16. Coin flipping simulator handed out or to be handed out in class. Shows how to do counters, and counts the number of Heads and Tails that have been thrown, as well as the coins that went off the table.

  17. Laundry is late penalty, minor if you don't miss class, and upcoming Laundry Program Hints and Wednesday class session summary will be posted here later today, hopefully BEFORE the UNI/Iowa volleyball game time.

  18. Extensive HINTS and DIRECTIONS and followup LAUNDRY lecture summary, which should prove very useful in helping you finish up the Laundry Sorting Project, at least for Part A portion.

  19. What if Laundry Part A (clicking the right basket or pile) and/or Laundry Part B (dragging and counting correct and incorrect choices) is LATE? Late Laundry policies and minor point penalties on the 20 points possible two part program.

  20. New link, Thursday evening. Very short and simple example to illustrate and clear up confusion about Three Colors issue for RED or BLACK or WHITE laundry items, and mapping the numbers 1, 2 and 3 to a specific color result. (Here illustrated with FIVE colors instead of three).

  21. New link, during ER about 9:30 p.m. later on Thursday evening. Dragging Colors and Dropping the color on an item to have it be recolored. Illustrates onMousePress(), onMouseDrag() and onMouseRelease() and is very useful to your part B Laundry program.

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