810:061:01 and 810:061:02 - Fall 2002 - weeks 8 thru 12

ObjectDraw blue sheet quick reference.

Weeks 8 thru 12 (until Thanksgiving break) are right here as a link. Second four weeks (up until test #1) should be reviewed often. Constant review is very important.

First four weeks web page outline/lecture notes/example applets and java resources. Please review these often until October 31st gets here!

HELP: Color coded TA Schedule for Daniel and PJ, indicating the WRT 339 lab TA hours in BLUE and the WRT 112 TA hours in RED.

  1. Exam on Monday, November 25th. Midterm EXAM 2.

    VIP: Study guide/outline of exam 2 material. Includes some for loop and while loop examples, using FramedRect objects.

  2. Big Java textbook Chapter 13: Array Lists example converts NestedSquares from recursive data structure by using the Java ArrayList class. See pages 521-530 of textbook.

  3. Look at online Java documentation, searching for what you need.

  4. Paper and pencil exercises and study questions from the Big Java textbook.

  5. String Tokenizer is covered on pages 254-255 of Big Java textbook. Here is the online documentation for the StringTokenizer class.

  6. Here is an example that uses a dialog box to gather input from the user, then uses standard String processing and while loop techniques to print your favorite movie in a triangular pattern, using the Courier New font.

  7. Exam #2 will be on the Monday of Thanksgiving week, which is our last class before Thanksgiving break. Monday, November 25th exam.

  8. Recursion applied to the definition of a class. A PIV that is recursive??? Yes, it is possible and desirable and common as a solution method!

    Demo of recursively defined objects. Nested squares that can be moved around on the screen. Friday, November 8th class.

  9. Due date extended 3 more days: Bouncing Ball NOT due Friday, but due on Monday, November 11th by the start of your class.

  10. Loops and recursion exercises and page number references for for loops and for selection trinary operator in Big Java textbook.

  11. The validate() method to validate() at the end of the begin() method that your components all get displayed without having to resize the WindowController extended class applet window.

  12. Chapter 8 - Recursion from Williams College manuscript.

  13. Email on Label and Font classes techniques.

  14. AWT GUI cheat sheet summary is very helpful. Nice table format.

  15. Want to know more Color choices than Color.red and Color.yellow and Color.blue so you can choose your favorites in Lab #7??? Color constants in Java for your GUI assignment Choice object. Pick 3 or 4 from this list of 13 colors. Color.magenta is most like purple. There is no Color.purple.

  16. Here is the Scrollbar example to study along with chapter 7 of the Williams textbook and Lab #7.

  17. Lab 6 (Frogger game) is due on Monday at the start of class.

    You should read chapters 6 and 7 of the Williams College textbook over carefully as you review the following links and review today's (Friday, Oct 25th) lecture notes.

  18. Chapter 7: Java GUI components such as command buttons, radio buttons and listboxes of Choices are illustrated. To be discussed on Friday, October 25th in class.

    Here is the Friday handout of the Java code for DemoChoice.java class. Its a nice version to look at while you are looking at the above link, and it will (SOON) start up in a new browser window.

  19. Frogger Lane hints: HOW LONG to pause() between creation of Vehicles? Pause() longer for SLOW Lanes.

  20. Midterm Test Score Distribution and Frogger Program due date extension to Monday, by class time.

  21. Midterm exam outline of topics and practice questions.

  22. Solution to while loop RED rectangles problem: while loop exercise has 5 staggered red rectangles.

  23. Frogger frog will be like Frosty the Snowman example. Images and VisibleImages.

  24. Link to Snowman and to Falling Snow examples. Study these two examples carefully for Lab #6 preparation and techniques.

  25. Frogger game - Lab #6. Start early and do this is stages! Goal #1 - get the Frog to appear at the bottom of the screen. Get that done BEFORE Monday's class!

  26. Additional notes on the FROGGER project.

  27. Wright 219 CS Department office now has the Williams College textbook chapters 6, 7 and 8 material. The cost is $2.10.

  28. Lab 7 is due by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, November 5th. Programming assignment #7 is due on 11/05/Tuesday by 5 p.m.